Application of rubber calender in industry

- Jun 30, 2017-

Rubber calender by two or more than two of the rolling rollers in a certain form, at a certain temperature will be rubber or plastic press to extend into a certain thickness of the film, and the fiber curtain canvas or steel cord hanging plastic machinery and equipment is called the calender. The common rubber calender mainly has the common type calender, the precision calender, the pressure type calender, the universal type Calender and the experimental calender and so on. The general calender is mainly composed of roller, frame, electric adjusting distance device, roller temperature adjusting device, transmission device, lubricating system and electric control system, etc. precision calender has the main characteristics of ordinary calender and also increases the device to guarantee the precision of the rolling. The calender is used to press the plastic material into a certain thickness and a certain cross-section of the shape of the calender; Universal Calender has the ability to rub, glue and press pieces, and other functions; The experimental calender is a small calender for laboratory testing.