Closed Type Rubber Refining machine

- Jun 30, 2017-

Mainly used in rubber plastic and mixing. It is more than an open rubber mixer room (Fig. 1). When the rubber and the mixture are loaded into the chamber by adding the hopper, the material door is closed, the top bolt of the pressing device is pressed, and the two rotors in the inner chamber rotate at different or same speed. The loading of the rubber material between the rotor, the rotor and the chamber between the constant stirring, folding and strong kneading, resulting in an oxidation chain, increased the degree of plasticity. At the same time, the rubber material is dispersed by shearing and uniformly mixed, thus achieving the purpose of refining. Since the invention of the elliptical rotor sealing machine in 1916, the closed-type rubber refining machine has developed rapidly in the latex industry, and then the closed-type rubber-refining machine with other forms of rotor. The rubber cycle of modern closed-type rubber refining machine is 2.5-3 minutes, the maximum capacity of the chamber is 650 liters.