How to refine the tyre of the mixer

- Jun 30, 2017-

First of all, the refining process is through the mixer to the natural rubber, synthetic rubber and carbon black, as well as the processing of drugs. Secondly, most of the films produced by the mixer are to be pressed out. This procedure mainly produces the triangle of the upper part of the tire circle and the tire side gum, tread gum three kinds of semi-finished products. This process in the production of semi-finished products in the size and physical property has strict requirements, directly affect the next molding process to make tires quality. Next is the cutting process, the main production of the tire skeleton part of the curtain layer and the band. The cord layer, the belt layer and so on all have the wire line, they formed the tire skeleton part.The forming process is the shape of the tire by forming the semi-finished products produced by the press and the cutting process. This process completes the semi-finished product called the birth tire. Technicians attach bar codes to each of the finished tires and enter the computer so that they can be tracked for every a items. After completing the above four processes, enter the sulphur process. The birth of the tire into the sulfur machine, through a certain amount of time heating, pressure, so that rubber and sulfur chemical reaction, rubber molecules firmly into one, become a truly usable tires. At the same time in the process of adding sulphur using the mold on the tire surface forming patterns.