Hydraulic Vertical Rubber Cutter/Bale Cutter/Rubber Cutting Machine

- Nov 30, 2017-

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Type: Rubber Cutting Machine

  • Type of Tire Machinery: Rubber Cutting Machine

  • Type of General Rubber Machinery: Rubber Cutter

  • Certification: ISO

  • Hydraulic vertical rubber cutter/Bale cutter/rubber cutting machine/single knife hydraulic rubber cutter/bale splitter

1.Mainly uses The bale cutter is mainly used to cut natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and other plastics materials, especially it is suitable to be installed near the rubber mixer to cut small pieces of rubber.The cutter is matched with working track, which makes rubber feeding much more convenient 

2.Structure This bale cutter mainly consists of rubber knife, frame, cylinder, base, auxiliary table, hydraulic system, and electric system.The lead is casted on the base under the rubber knife for protecting the edge of the rubber knife.When cutting the raw rubber, put the raw rubber under the rubber knife, then press the start button, the knife can cut the rubber.Two limit switches are installed on the frame to control the reversal valve to change the movement direction of the rubber knife, at the same time it protects the cover of the cylinder 

A.Low noise 

B.Constant temperature 

C.Automatic pressure mataining and pressure supplement 

D.It has solid construction, reasonable design, high production efficiency, easy operation.

E.Cutting knife is controlled by hydraulic system, ISO9001 certified

Technical parameters
Type XQL-80 XQL-120 XQL-125
Width of guillotine knife (mm) 660 760 760
Guillotine knife stroke (mm) 680 680 680
Oil cylinder's total pressure (KN)Approximately 80 120 125
Time of guillotine knife stroke (s) 14-16 13-16 13-16
Motor power kw 5.5 11 14
Overall size (L× W× H)(mm) 2122× 1440× 2509 1950 × 1400× 2338 2300 × 1500× 2530
Weight kg 1600 2000 2600