Plastic materials are molded or mixed under confined conditions

- Jun 30, 2017-

1. Plastic materials in airtight pressure under the conditions of plastic or mixing, high production efficiency, low labor intensity, quality and stability. The rotor adopts a two-edge shearing type, and the material can be fully torn and cut in the production process so as to reach the dispersing degree and evenness. 2. The rotor ridge surfacing wear-resisting cemented carbide, and the mixing chamber and the material contact parts are polished with the hard chromium plating treatment. The mixing chamber adopts a jacket type structure, which can pass water/steam/medium oil, has good cooling or heating effect, and adapts to the technological requirements of various refining and plastic refining. 3. From the rear door feeding, mixing chamber forward the largest turnover 140 unloading, and according to customer process requirements can be arbitrary adjustment angle, easy to connect the next procedure. 4. The top Bolt adopts "w" type, so that the material can be fully mixed or molded. 5. The electronic control system uses the programmable Logic controller (PLC), has the alarm, unloads the operation, the manual/automatic conversion, the chain protection function.