The advantages of the auxiliary machine on the mixer

- Jun 30, 2017-

With the development of the mixer, each vehicle mixing more and more materials, faster speed, manual feeding in the mixing cycle of the percentage of time taken up more and more, seriously affect the efficiency of the mixer and the quality of mixing rubber. In addition, with the development of enterprises, the need for a lot of materials, need to rely on manual handling, weighing, feeding, workers are very labor-intensive. In particular, the carbon black particles are very fine, the process of the human and environmental pollution is serious, contact with carbon black people and transport vehicles to go there to contaminate there. Ventilation emissions to the workshop to improve the pollution, discharged into the air (although filtered) to a large area around the impact. In order to give full play to the efficiency of the mixer and reduce the labor intensity and pollution to the environment, it is urgent to carry out mechanization and automation to the transportation, storage, weighing and feeding of the materials needed in the mixer. In this context, the various equipment on the auxiliary machine has been developed successfully and applied, and the carbon black transmission, storage, weighing, feeding and other equipment, over the years, although after many improvements, but due to the characteristics of carbon black, still often problems occur.