Characteristics Of Rubber Mixer And Its Advantages

- Jun 30, 2017-

1, chemical raw materials rubber and other auxiliaries in airtight, pressure and temperature controllable conditions, to carry out mixing or plastic refining, production efficiency, material dispersion uniformity, high quality, environmental pollution, change the material more color cleaning convenience. 2, mixing chamber, rotor, ballast and other components are used jacket type structure, can be used for the medium, steam, heat conduction oil, water heating or cooling to adapt to a variety of rubber (refining) process requirements, processing materials quality and stability. 3. The helix angle and working length of the rotor convex ribs are reasonable, which can make the material obtain the best kneading effect. The rotor ridge and end face are hardfacing cemented carbide to reach the national standard. Mixing chamber, rotor, pressure mound directly contact with the material surface is polished after the hard chromium plating, bright wear resistance, to ensure that the axis. 4, easy to feed, back-cast feeding, mixing room forward flip 140 unloading, so as to facilitate the production process up and down the process line, and easy to the mixing chamber, rotor observation and cleaning and unloading. 5, mixing room and the rack hanging wall joints, the use of Taiwan technology, seal dustproof effect is good. The rotor end surface uses the contact external pressure type No lubrication seal structure, wear-resisting durable. 6, the turnover mechanism uses the ring of bread and worm (top) transmission efficiency is high, carrying capacity is big, and can realize does not stop unloading material, eliminates the motor frequent start, greatly prolongs its service life. 7, the electronic control system uses the PLC installment, has the consummation reliable automatic control monitoring, the alarm and so on function.