Common Problems And Reasons Of Rubber Products Production

- Jun 30, 2017-

Semi-finished product consumption is insufficient or insufficient, the plate rises too fast, the rubber material does not have the full flow, the mold cannot seal the rubber material, the mold exhaust condition is not good, the mold temperature is too high. Can be solved from these aspects: the new determination of the mold loading, slow down the plate rising speed and repeated gas, improve mold design, reduce mold temperature, speed up operation, reduce mold temperature. 2, rubber products too thick edge, product overweight: The main reasons are: too large amount of plastic, plate pressure is insufficient, the mold has no corresponding plastic groove. Can be solved from these aspects: Strictly control semi-finished product single consumption, increase plate pressure, improve mold design. 3, Rubber products curling edge, draw edge: The main reasons are: the poor processing performance of rubber. Can be solved from these aspects: the use of casting pressure, injection process to reduce the viscosity of the adhesive. 4, Rubber products crack: The main reasons are: rubber material dirty; Can be solved from these aspects: to ensure that semi-finished products clean;