Precautions For Injection Molding Vulcanization Process

- Jun 30, 2017-

Reasonable screw speed and back pressure are used to control the proper temperature of the injection machine. Generally, should keep out of the material mouth gum moderate control cycle temperature difference is not greater than 30 degrees. The purpose of the injection machine screw is to prepare a sufficient amount of glue for each cycle at the selected and uniform temperatures; It obviously affects the output of the injector. The backpressure is produced by slowing down the flow of the oil outlet in the injection cylinder, and the injection molding machine is used to limit the push action of the injection cylinder. In practice, the back pressure will only slightly increase the shearing of the adhesive material, and will not cause the physical properties of curing products. Nozzle design. The nozzle connects the injection head and the mold, and has a certain effect on the heat balance. Pressure loss through the nozzle can be converted into heat by injection. Rubber is never allowed to be cured at this site. Therefore, it is very important to select the proper nozzle diameter, which affects the friction of the nozzle, the pressure and filling time required for injection.