Roller Speed Ratio Of Calender

- Jun 30, 2017-

1 in order to exclude the bubble in the rubber material, the general feed roller has the speed ratio, often is 1:1.1 ~ 1:1.5, our country uses 1:1.1 ~ 1:1.4 more. Soft plastic material to take a small value. 2 for wiping gum operation, in order to make the glue to infiltrate into the textile material, the friction roller requires a speed ratio. The greater the ratio of shear force, the better the effect of the rub, but the speed of the General Assembly damage the strength of textile materials, easy to scorch the rubber. But the ratio is too small, the permeability of the compound is poor. Generally adopt 1:1.2 ~ 1:1.5, our country uses 1:1.4 ~ 1:1.5 more. 3 for the press, laminating, stickers and other operations, because the main requirement to obtain squeeze pressure, it is generally used for equal-speed calendering, speed ratio of 1:1. 4, in the selection of roller speed to consider the factors: roller speed directly affect the power consumption and production capacity of the calender. The greater the roller speed, the higher the power and the output, the higher the mechanized automation level of the calender. Therefore, in the selection of roller speed to consider: 1 calendering process requirements, 2 of the manufacturing level of the calender, 3 calendering unit automation level. 4 The roller speed should be able to be widely adjusted smoothly; 5 The pressure delay roller speed as far as possible with high value, which is conducive to the ability to play equipment.